BlockchainXIstanbul Privacy Policy

1. Data Collection and Usage

Collection of Personal Data: BlockchainXIstanbul collects only the necessary personal data from participants and uses this data for the purpose of facilitating participation in the event and providing related services. This data may include, but is not limited to, names, contact information (email addresses, phone numbers), and identification details.

Purposes: The collected personal data is used for the purpose of providing event services, organizing activities, and communication with participants.

Third-Party Sharing: Personal data may be shared with third parties solely for the purpose of event organization and services, with strict adherence to privacy and data protection regulations.

2. Data Security and Protection

Data Security Measures: BlockchainXIstanbul implements robust security measures to protect the personal data collected. This includes encryption, access controls, and regular security audits.

Data Retention: Personal data is retained only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected. Once the data is no longer needed, it will be securely deleted or anonymized.

3. Consent and Control

Consent: By participating in BlockchainXIstanbul and providing personal data, participants consent to the collection and processing of their data as outlined in this privacy policy.

Data Control: Participants have the right to review, update, or request the deletion of their personal data held by BlockchainXIstanbul. They can exercise this right by contacting the event organizers.

4. Cookies and Tracking

Cookies: BlockchainXIstanbul's website may use cookies to enhance user experience and collect non-personal information. Users can manage cookie preferences through their web browser settings.

5. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Policy Updates: BlockchainXIstanbul may update this privacy policy from time to time to reflect changes in data processing practices or legal requirements. Participants will be notified of any significant changes.

6. Contact Information

For inquiries or requests related to this privacy policy, please contact:

By participating in BlockchainXIstanbul and using its services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to this privacy policy. Please review this policy regularly for any updates or changes.


BlockchainXIstanbul Delivery and Refund Policy


Upon purchasing tickets, digital tickets will be automatically delivered to the email address provided during the transaction. These digital tickets will serve as proof of purchase and admission to the event.


Participants have the right to request a refund for their ticket purchase. The refund policy is as follows:

Please note that all refund requests will be reviewed and processed in accordance with this policy. Participants are encouraged to contact us with any questions or concerns regarding their ticket purchases.

By purchasing tickets for BlockchainXIstanbul, you agree to abide by this Delivery and Refund Policy.


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